What is it?

Sweet Paradise is a unique adult entertainment place right in the center of Paris.

You can come and tell your fantasies and we will make them come true (within the limits of French law and in compliance with our Code of Ethics).

It includes an intimate stage with amazing artists named Sweeties performing fully nude and lesbian shows. It also includes a bar and a boutique (don't miss the "Wall of panties" with panties worn by our Sweeties).

It is located at 12 rue Marie Stuart - 75002 Paris in the well-known and charming Montorgueil area.

Sweet Paradise is open on Tuesday from 3:30pm to 11pm and from Wednesday to Friday from 2:30pm to midnight

WHAT are the different kind of showS?

*** New show Erotic Olympic***: Discover Olympic athletes as you've always dreamed of seeing them: in the nude, when the event takes a whimsical turn. This show has been prepared for an international audience in the context of the Paris Olympic Games. Every Thursday and from Tuesday to Saturday every day at 8:30pm as from July 23rd.

The Dreams: the Dreams are a succession of short erotic shows created by our Sweeties. The Dreams take place on Tuesday from 4pm to 11 pm, and from Wednesday to Saturday from 3pm to 6:15pm (afternoon session), from 6:30pm to 8:15pm (evening session) and from 10pm to midnight (night session). You can access the Dreams at any time during these slots and go away and come back at any time during the same day. The shows are perfect for an international audience.

Entrance € 65
Entrance for members € 55
Entrance for couple € 95
Entrance for couple members € 85

Entrance for the afternoon session gives you access to the evening and the night sessions with an extra payment of €10.

Entrance for the evening session gives you free access to the night session.

Entrance for the night session only is € 45 (and for members: € 35).

Solo Membership card: €95 with one free entrance (so the real cost if only €30).

Membership card for couple: €135 with one free entrance and the right to benefit from the membership for each individual of the couple.


VIP tickets (include 2 shows from 8:30pm to midnight and a glass of champaign, great deal for a couple).

Regular tickets: select the show on Billetreduc.

The Boudoirs: when you access Sweet Paradise, please confess your fantasies to our Priestess, and she may give you the key of one of our Boudoirs: the Hell or the Paradise, so we can make your fantasy come true. If you watch the Dreams, you can select the Sweetie of your heart and meet with her intimately in the Boudoir (within the limitations of French law). Most of our Sweeties speak English for this unique experience.

Access to a solo Boudoir with one Sweetie for 15 minutes: € 70

Access to a Boudoir for a couple with one Sweetie for 15 minutes: € 130

Sweet Experience: Sweet Experience is a specific immersive and interactive show from 8:30pm to 9:45pm every day from Wednesday to Saturday. You can make a reservation here. These shows are in French only. 

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Flore, Arthur and all the Sweeties.